Window 4 – Ċisk Lager

If Malta had a national beer, Ċisk Lager would definitely be it. It’s sold absolutely everywhere and, in spite of a higher price, it’s still the number one choice for most.

On the label it says: “Malta’s Finest” and obviously this must be the truth. Why, otherwise, would it be so popular?

But status aside, what is it that’s so special about it?


It’s lager. It’s a very good lager, granted, but there’s nothing special about it and maybe that’s the whole point.

This is a proper beer for proper people and it’s perfectly good for all occasions.

If you like beer, that is.

Window 3 – Ċisk Lager

Window #3 in this year’s beer advent calendar contains Ċisk Lager and at first it strikes me as pretty sweet, but then the bitterness sets in and the taste of perfectly balanced lager comes back.

This is not a beer that you need to reserve for special occasions. I guess you could call it your everyday beer, but I would rather name it the universal beer – Good for any and all occasions.

Disagree you may – although you’d be wrong – but nonetheless this is a very nice and perfectly balanced lager that you should buy. Actually you should stock up on it because you never know when you’ll need it.

Window 2 – Ċisk Lager

If you like your beer warm, without bubbles, or if you belong to the sorry lot who runs their legs off after the lastest craft beer abomination, then Ċisk Lager is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you prefer beer like God intended it, then you’ll be sure to like Ċisk Lager.

It’s not really that special at all. It’s just that it’s a really good lager, something which seems as hard to find as a needle in a haystack nowadays.

Maybe it could be improved somehow but frankly I don’t even care to bother about that. Ċisk Lager is perfectly good for all occasions, or at least any occasions worth thinking about.

Window 1 – Ċisk Lager

Ċisk Lager is a nice Maltese lager, perfect for those of us who enjoy proper beer and don’t want any of the IPA or craft beer nonsense that is all too abundant today.

If it’s really “Malta’s Finest” as is stated on the can? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but it’s a fine lager with a perfectly balanced taste that leaves nothing in addition to be desired.

Ċisk Lager goes well with almost type of proper food, such as a nice cut of beef, a good stew or why not fish’n chips or a platter of pastizzi? It’s probably less well suited to the kind of delicate dishes where you’ll have to use a microscope to locate the different flavours, or to boring salads, but who eats those kinds of things, anyway?

This is the perfect beginning, and probably a perfect sequel as well, for as long as the day lasts. I won’t be held responsible for the after effects of such behaviour, thogh.